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Holyroller posted Mar 8, 16

Awesome job last night everyone! Pagura is no more! :)

The holidays are finally over and we've finally stepped into T3 Mind of Madness. So far it's fun to do, but replacing pugs half way through our raid only to have to call it is a bit frustrating, but we went in regardless just as planned. We'll be focusing on recruiting over the weekend so that we can get some consistency and better progression in there together. There are a few announcements going forward.

DKP and Signing up

If you joined between November and now and don't know how our looting system works please click the link and read up on it:

How DkP is earned:

Signing up is important because it lets us know who's going to be there for raid, who won't and who might. Everyone should sign up regardless if you can make it or not and set yourself in the options accordingly. I've tried giving incentives to people in the past and while this may seem a bit harsh, I will instead start docking and forfeiting dkp for those who don't I will follow this up with a forum post for more details over the next day or two. There are no excuses to not get a hold of anyone in game to let give us a heads up if it's a last minute thing as most people have each others numbers, guild website and now with discord which all of you should have on your phones. It's free so don't give us any life stories as to why it's not.

Serious progression and Raid consumables

Most of us would like to make good progression this time around and as such I will be enforcing some stricter rules. I expect people to show up with all of their consumables including Illustrious Powersurge and Brightsurge Vials. My KBM has been updated to show me who has them and who doesn't. I will throw some in the guild bank to get people started and in the future I hope everyone will donate the materials listed below. If you show up to raid without them I will be docking DKP for being unprepared. The following consumables will be expected of everyone for raids:

Illustrious Powersurge Vial

Illustrious Brightsurge Vial

Illustrious Healing Potion

Illustrious Mana Potion

Coral Oilstones

Coral Whetstones

Palegic Powerstones

PrincessToxic i can make the consumables btw if anyone needs. I can also make hazy dreams and opaque rune amenders if any of you need ...